Eastern Oregon beer for the New Year

Eastern Oregon breweries continue to prove the region is driving the industry forward.

Eastern Oregon breweries continue to prove the region is driving the industry forward.

With continued growth and more exposure than ever, 2015 proved to be an iconic year for the Oregon craft-brewing world.  Eastern Oregon brewery contributions were no exception — churning out some great new beer and continuing to be an important driver of the state, regional, and national craft beer movement from our humble corner of Oregon.

So what are some local breweries taking on?

Terminal Gravity Brewing, a pioneering Eastern Oregon brewery from Enterprise, released a Lager Series, which included Wallowa Lake Lager — a Pre-Prohibition Pilsner and Landmark Lager —a Dortmunder Export Lager.

We also dabbled in the Imperial IPA world, creating Big Burn IPA.

Coming out of Baker City, Barley Brown’s cutting edge hoppy experiments continue to have Oregonians salivating, and their beer continues to perform well at national competitions.

One of the latest hop driven beers, Ratchet Strap IPA uses German Melon hops, proving that innovation is king at Barley Browns.

Ordinance Brewing in Boardman cranked out some great beers, including a kettle-soured beer called PNW 400 sour, no easy task for any brewery.

Eastern Oregon continues to show the world that we not only make good beer, but we also have strong interests in driving the regional industry forward while remaining focused on our local communities and markets.

With more taprooms and growler fill stations popping up every day, it can be a daunting task to try and select “the perfect beer,” but Eastern Oregon breweries are up to the task. Likewise, while the average Oregonian is usually inclined to reach for an India Pale Ale, there are a lot of great options for folks who simply want to dial down the hops or are looking for a more balanced beer.

Twelve breweries contribute to Eastern Oregon’s brewery scene, from John Day to Boardman to Enterprise.

We encompass a vast area, so if you find yourself in our neck of the woods, try any one of these noteworthy beers.

Three options from each brewery:

IPA: the most popular style in Oregon, bringing high IBUs and lots of hops.

Middle of the Road: A mild selection, a safer bet for the first time craft drinker

Go out on a Limb: A bold move, rich in flavor and adventurous for any palate.

Terminal Gravity Brewing (Enterprise)

IPA: Eagle Cap IPA

Middle of the Road: Extra Special Golden

Go Out on a Limb: Ever-changing experimental rotator tap; Oatmeal Stout recently made an appearance as well as Big Burn, an Imperial IPA

Ordinance Brewing (Boardman) 


Middle of the Road: S.A.M. Red

Go out on a Limb: PNW Sour 400

Barley Brown’s (Baker City)

IPA: Ratchet Strap IPA

Middle of the Road: Coyote Peak Wheat

Go out on a Limb: Don Vanuchi “the killer”

Prodigal Son Brewing (Pendleton) 


Middle of the Road: A Bier Named Uter (Kolsch)

Go out on a Limb: Fatted Calf Oatmeal Stout (on Nitro)

1188 Brewing (John Day)

IPA: Desert Monk IPA

Middle of the Road: Orney Hefeweizen

Go out on a Limb: Black Oak Instigator


As an ever-evolving beer market continues to grow and change, winter is a good time for indulging and planning out the year ahead.  It’s also a great time to head to Eastern Oregon breweries — the summer crowds dwindle and you can find some strong brews on tap.


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