Northeast Oregon eats: North Powder Caf

WHERE I ATE: North Powder Cafe, 975 Second St.

WHAT I ORDERED: Pork chop breakfast

THE VERDICT: I had some fantastic homestyle potatoes this New Year’s weekend that made me think of a great breakfast I had at the North Powder Cafe. My date ordered the country fried steak with hashbrowns and hard over eggs, so I knew I’d at least get to try their much talked about country fried steak and accompanying gravy.

With that comfort I ordered the smoked pork chop breakfast with homestyle potatoes and scrambled eggs.

The chops were each nearly an inch thick and smoked through, the eggs were light but not airy — just the way I like them, and the potatoes were certainly homestyle.

It’s the perfect ratio of onions, peppers and potatoes that makes for the best homestyle mix and it’s just that mix I had this weekend that reminded me of the only time I ate at the North Powder Cafe.

I got so full that I didn’t get to try the country fried steak that day, so I have a good excuse to go back.

 — Brant McWilliams, Observer staff



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