Readers warm up for Fireside event

Three distinguished speakers will read at the upcoming Fishtrap Fireside event at the Fishtrap in Enterprise.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 3.38.57 PMThe night will begin with a lively introduction of the program as a whole and events to come by Fishtrap program manager and Fireside MC Mike Midlo.

To commence the readings, Fireside curator Amy Zahm provides backgrounds for each of the featured readers, shares the story of their selection and turns over the floor.

The readers and their personally designed biographies are as follows.

Benjamin Curry

Benjamin Curry, pictured above, is a native of Flora in Wallowa County’s rugged North End.

He has an MFA in Poetry from Eastern Washington University, and loves sego lilies, meadowlark song, the scent of wheat chaff, and topographic maps of his homeland.

He lives in Joseph with his wife Lynne, and their two daughters, Molly and Cece, who are both 5th-generation Wallowa County natives.

Jean Falbo

Jean Falbo makes her home in Joseph with her husband, Clem. She holds advanced degrees in biology and is Professor Emeritus of the Department of Environmental Studies and Planning at Sonoma State University.

She has worked 14 summers in Acadia and Yellowstone National parks as a naturalist.

She is a Returned Peace Corps volunteer, having served in Zimbabwe for 27 months from 2000-2001.

Jean writes poetry and essays and is a photographer and a traveler. She will share a tale about a famous mesa in Monument Valley on the Arizona/Utah border.

Andrew Wallace

Andrew Wallace has lived in Oregon for 10 years, the last five in a sheep barn at the foot of the Wallowa Mountains.

He has worked various jobs but tends to avoid things that get in the way of daydreaming. He enjoys getting to know places on foot and with his best pal, Sterling.

Although interested in many things, Andrew has expertise in nothing.

Following the main event, all attendees are encouraged to partake in light refreshments and conversation before reconvening for the final segment of the evening.

Spectators with something to share, whether it be an original piece or a favorite poem are encouraged to participate in the customary open mic, a series of five minute vignettes. This will bring the night to a conclusion.

Fireside provides the opportunity for local writers of all genres to offer their most recent creations to an engaged and supportive audience.

Fishtrap Fireside is a seasonal program coordinated and hosted by the Enterprise-based writing nonprofit It is held the second Friday of every month, October through April.

— Emma Carlson, Go!

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