Fishtrap Fireside presents three local writers


screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-11-49-39-amENTERPRISE — This month’s Fishtrap Fireside boasts creative non-fiction and fiction alike.

November’s Fishtrap Fireside features three local writers: Kristy Athens, Rick Bombaci and Sara Miller.

“This month we have three writers who have a long history with Fishtrap,” Program Manager Mike Midlo said in a press release. “Kristy Athens was a 2010 Writer in Residence, and both Rick Bombaci and Sara Miller have made great contributions to Fishtrap over the years. We’re excited to have them all read by the fire.”

Athens is the author of “Get Your Pitchfork On!: The Real Dirt on Country Living.” She received an Oregon Literary Fellowship from Literary Arts in 2014, and her nonfiction and short fiction have been published in a number of magazines, newspapers and literary journals.

Athens, who lives in Enterprise, has an M.S. in Food Systems and Society from Marylhurst

Bombaci grew up in rural Connecticut and lived in Portland briefly. He then moved to Wallowa County, where he’s been ever since.

While there, Bombaci has worked, in order, as a USFS wilderness ranger, a waiter, a bicycle mechanic, a high school teacher, a computer consultant, a grant writer and a nonprofit consultant. Then he went back to being a USFS wilderness ranger.

“That’s known as either completing the circle or spinning your wheels,” the release said.

Bombaci has one daughter and a number of obsessions, including long-distance hiking.

Poet and creative non-fiction writer Miller said she likes to experiment.

“What I love about Fishtrap is encouragement to experiment creatively,” she said. “Being invited to read at Fireside allows me to say, well I better write something then.”

Miller has been called a “loud talker, ponderer, distractor and over-imaginer.” She appreciates opportunities to help with hard work, especially with babies and birth, death and love, ranching and wild, lonely places.

Miller’s audiences sometimes perform unexpectedly.

Following readings from the featured writers, there will be an open mic session for audience members to share their own stories.

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