Maroon 5 contest: Part 2


Due to an unexpectedly low response, the Go! staff has tweaked its original plan for the Maroon 5 ticket contest.

The scavenger hunt portion of the contest is complete, and the remaining contestants will be asked to demonstrate why they are Maroon 5’s biggest fan.

The public will then be asked to vote for the winning video or photo to determine which contestant wins which pair of tickets.

  1. The person with the most likes/loves/hahas (any positive reactions) wins the VIP passes with the VIP parking permit.
  2. The second highest tally wins the VIP passes.
  3. The third wins a pair of grandstand seats.

Comments and negative reactions will not affect their tallies.

In the event of a tie, Go! magazine’s staff will randomly select one of those entries for the more valuable pair of tickets.

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