Chocolate lovers rejoice


Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 10.47.50 AMENTERPRISE — The annual Chocolate Lover’s Walk has become a favorite Mother’s Day treat for locals and visitors alike, according to event organizer Wendy Stewart.

“There is one family (from out of state) who does this every year,” Stewart said. “Their mother is elderly, so she doesn’t go on the walk. She just sits here in my store while they go out and collect the chocolates for her.”

Stewart said her store, Bee Charmed Marketplace, is the starting point for the walk. There, participants can check in and pick up their passport and bag.

The passport helps walkers keep track of the businesses they’ve visited. Once participants fill their passports with all the shops, they can return to Bee Charmed Marketplace to be
entered into a drawing for an additional prize.

“The number of businesses varies from year to year, but I’d say we have about 22 participating businesses,” Stewart said. “There are also some pop-up businesses that don’t have a usual storefront along Main Street.”

Stewart said each business makes a unique chocolate to give out to walkers. A flower shop, for instance, could have a chocolate rose available.

The walk is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 13 along Main Street and surrounding areas in Enterprise. The cost is $10. Tickets are available at Bee Charmed Marketplace, 108 S. River St. or The Bookloft, 107 E Main St., Enterprise.

Stewart said she inherited the event responsibilities from another woman several years ago.

“Someone else started it along with an art walk, and she ran it for two years,” Stewart said.

When the original organizer passed the mantle, she wanted a storefront business to keep it going. That’s where Stewart came into play.

“We’re hoping the walk can keep  growing,” Stewart said. “It would be nice to have live music down the road.”

Stewart said one of the most difficult aspects is trying to predict the weather.

“Early May is always hit or miss,” she said. “Sometimes it’s really nice, sometimes it’s still rainy and cold. Hopefully this year it’ll be warm, so everyone can get out and spend a day exploring the shops.”

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