Dance Arts Inc. find the ‘Perfect Balance’


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 5.04.54 PMLA GRANDE — After a busy season of performing basketball halftime shows and competitions, Dance Arts Inc. will share its routines with the public during an upcoming recital. The show, called “Perfect Balance,” will include several different dance styles.

The recital will showcase many of the routines performed during competition throughout the season.

Dance Arts Inc. Coach and Artistic Director Patricia Sandlin said the audience will also be able to see the dancers’ growth.

“It’s so great to see these rising artists grow and try new projects of creativity,” Sandlin said.

Some of the performers, who have been dancing with the Dance Arts since they were young, will graduate from the studio soon.

“Now they have become these incredible artists and athletes,” Sandlin said. “They are wonderful dancers and people with so much to offer.”

Sandlin said students have branched out to explore choreography projects as trios and duos. Several soloists are also planning to attend the national competition this summer in Seaside.

In addition to competition routines, “Perfect Balance” will feature performances by other classes.

“One of my favorites is the 3- (and) 4-year-old (dancers) who will be puppies on stage,” Sandlin said. “They howl, dig, wag their tails and run around.”

The recital will be at 6 p.m. May 19 at La Grande High School, 708 K Ave. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 541-910-2205.

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