Discovering ‘Opal’s Million Dollar Duck’


It all starts with a painting of a dead duck and an apple — a painting that no one really wants but might just be the missing canvas worth $1 million to the local museum.

And the lure of money — a $50,000 reward — makes people do crazy things.

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Eastern Oregon Regional Theatre will present “Opal’s Million Dollar Duck” for two weekends, Sept. 8-10 and Sept. 15-17, at the Iron Gate Theatre in Baker City. Shows are at 7 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 3 p.m. Sundays. Tickets are $12 adults, $10 for EORT members and $8 students. These can be purchased at Betty’s Books, online at and at the door.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 4.04.59 PMThe plot

Opal is an unassuming woman who stocks eclectic treasures at her “Antique Junque Shop” at the edge of a municipal dump.

Her best friend Rosie tells fortunes with her cards and sells hot meatballs at her stand — for 25 cents you can get a reading with your meatballs.

These friends get along as most friends do until Rosie shows up in a tizzy about Opal’s unfortunate fate, which she’s read in her cards involving kings and queens and money.

Opal doesn’t quite believe this fortune business — and then two fancy actors walk into the shop. Their names? Desmond “King” Dewent and his daughter Queenie Dewent. They are
looking for show props, including a trunk of fake money.

As the two peruse the “treasures” in the shop, they happen across an unusual painting of a dead duck and an apple — a canvas reported missing from the museum and worth $1 million. The reward for returning it is $50,000 so King and Queenie try to bargain with Opal to get it cheap and then claim the money.

But Opal isn’t selling — she means to give that painting as a birthday gift to Rosie.

What ensues is all manner of intrigue as the two actors attempt to steal the painting from Opal’s grasp, although happy-go-lucky Opal foils most of their attempts because she gets off track and has so many stories to tell about her antiques.

As their desperation mounts, King and Queenie try everything, from convincing Opal she’s just right for the role of Shakespeare’s Juliet (and having her “rehearse” by drinking a sleeping potion so they can search the shop) to threatening a knock over the head.

All result in blunders, as is the way in comedies.

“This is an evening of high-spirited entertainment for the whole family,” said Director Leanne Hinkle, who also plays Opal. “This show promises to give you lots of laughs and feel-good moments.”

The cast of four includes Hinkle, Lisa Ensworth as Rosie, Doug Evans as King and Isabella Evans as Queenie.

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