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Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 10.04.31 AMENTERPRISE — Fishtrap Fireside will present another great lineup of readers during the Nov. 3 event, including a poet, a journalist and a columnist.

Fishtrap Fireside is a free monthly event for Wallowa County writers to share their work with a supportive audience. Held on the first Friday of the month at 400 E. Grant St., Enterprise, the community is encouraged to enjoy light refreshments as they listen to new work written by their friends and neighbors.

This month’s featured writers are poet Ester Bentz, special guest Renee Mitchell, and long-time Fishtrap champion Janie Tippett.

An open mic session follows the featured readings, during which audience members have a chance to share their own stories.

Ester Bentz

Ester Bentz is the penname and alter ego of Cathy Sterbentz, a perennial, revolving-door resident of Wallowa County.

She is the proprietress of Aunt Ester’s Home for Unpublished Poets, for which there is a seven-year waiting list, according to a press release issued by Fishtrap.

Renee Mitchell

Renee Mitchell is best described as a Creative Revolutionist who expresses herself through poetry, storytelling, grant writing, teaching and creating multimedia experiences. Mitchell spent 25 years as a newspaper journalist and was nominated twice for a Pulitzer Prize.

She is a published author of four books of poetry, a novel, five plays and a children’s book about courage in the face of bullying. Mitchell’s deepest desire is to use her creativity to help others let go, gather up and move on. 

Janie Tippett

Janie Tippett, was a columnist for Agritimes NW for 31 years, is the author of “Four Lines a Day: The Life and Times of an Imnaha Ranch Woman,” has been published in anthologies of Western writers and is a freelance writer.

She is a fourth-generation rancher, mother of four, stepmother to three, grandmother and great-grandma.

Tippett is also a photographer and outdoor enthusiast. She is active in two writers’ groups and is a long time Fishtrapper. She attended the first Summer Fishtrap in 1988 and has come nearly every year since then.

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