‘A Little Princess’ opens at Elgin Opera House

Little Princess

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 1.36.05 PMELGIN — The Elgin Opera House continues its season with a two-act musical called “A Little Princess.”

The show, which opens Nov. 24, tells the story of Sara Crewe, a young heiress to a diamond mine fortune who, despite hardship, refuses to see life as anything less than a fantastical adventure, full of wonder and possibility.

When her father joins the British army during World War II, Sara is forced to leave her beloved home in India and move to London to attend Miss Minchin’s seminary for girls, where creativity is deemed foolish and rules reign.

After her father is declared missing in action, she lives as a penniless servant. Sara relies on her extraordinary imagination to preserve her belief that “all girls are princesses” and that regardless of age, race or social status, everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect.

Set in 1939, the play depicts a bleak time when Hitler’s attacks put the entire world on edge and over half a million children were evacuated from London for fear of aerial bombings and gas raids.

“Sara reminds us that no matter what is happening to us and around us, we can choose how we view our circumstances,” Director Terry Hale said. “Her character highlights the power of our imagination to transform us beyond our current situation and give us hope and faith in our future.”

The Elgin Opera House invites the public to celebrate this holiday season with an unforgettable performance that will make audiences laugh, cry and feel like royalty.

Tickets are $17 and are available online at www.elginoperahouse.com or by calling 541-437-1918.

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