EORT shares ‘A Little Christmas Spirit’

Little Christmas Spirit

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 11.04.15 AMBAKER CITY — The magic of Christmas has descended on J.D. Morse, but he refuses to believe his eyes.

He’s on the hunt for a perfect Christmas gift for his grandson, but all the stores are sold out of the super-popular watch. He is not in a good mood and even says that “maybe Scrooge was right.”

Then he finds a flyer on his windshield — an advertisement for Nick’s Emporium.

Eastern Oregon Regional Theatre is presenting this family holiday show called “A Little Christmas Spirit.” It will run Dec. 8-10, Dec. 15-17 and Dec. 21-23 (note the last run is Thursday through Saturday). Showtimes are 7 p.m. except for Sundays, which are 3 p.m.

Tickets are $12 for adults, $10 for EORT members, and $8 for students. These are available at Betty’s Books, Random Resales and online at www.bakerlivetheatre.com.

This is the first performance in EORT’s new space, the Iron Gate Theater located downstairs in Basche-Sage Place, 2101 Main St. This is the first time the theater has had Main Street exposure, said Leanne Hinkle, president of the EORT board. The new location’s stage is twice as big, and seating capacity for the audience has increased as well. This will be the theater’s home for three years, which is the time Hinkle estimates for renovation of the Baker Orpheum Theater (check the website and Facebook page for news on the theater’s future home).

As the action in “A Little Christmas Spirit” gets under way, J.D. finally finds Nick’s Emporium and discovers the eccentric storekeeper named Nick, who simply waves his hands to illuminate all the lights. Although he doesn’t find exactly the toy he was searching for, Nick provides a comparable watch.

Just as he’s about to make a purchase, J.D. runs outside to chase some kids away from his car. When he returns, the shop is dark and Nick has disappeared.

Baffled, he wanders around the store until a police officer shows up and tells him that Nick’s Emporium has been closed for 40 years. J.D. leaves but returns to find Nick again.

Nick seems to know things about him although they’ve never met before. J.D. sputters when Nick calls him Jerry (his real first name) and keeps trying to make sense of this odd little man with a full head of white hair.

Then it is J.D.’s turn to disappear — and when he returns, he has jumped back in time to his younger, 21-year-old self.

As he joins Nick’s family for dinner, J.D. discovers a second chance at the decisions that long ago affected his life.

In addition to being advertised for family audiences, “A Little Christmas Spirit” truly is a family show with many cast members working alongside their family. The cast includes Monte, Misty, Paige and Payton Anderson, Barry and Lincoln Nemec, Chris Young, Lily Hoelscher, Emese Marvin, Justin Wolfe and Neah Thomas.

Hinkle directs the show. The rest of the crew (stage, lights, sound, construction) includes Sebastian Cole, Kathy Sanchez, Michael Dean, Robert Hinkle, Scot Violette, Kelly Brickman, Marilyn Delashmutt and Lynne Proudfoot.

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