Books for Winter Reading


Submitted by David Memmott for Grande Ronde writers and publishers
December 7, 6 – 9 p.m.
Le Bebe Cakes, New Town Square
1103 Washington

With the usual wintry mix making passes impassable and travel less attractive this time of year, you might want to curl up with a good book by a local author. Join Grande Ronde writers and publishers in celebrating the closeness of rural community at New Town Square Market Place.
Book displays will feature local authors and two La Grande literary publishers. The event runs 6 – 9 p.m. with a poetry reading beginning at 7 p.m.
Among others not yet confirmed, those presenting include: James Benton, Amelia Ettinger,
Nancy Knowles, Rick Mack, David Memmott and George Venn. There will be displays by local publishers, Redbat Books and Wordcraft of Oregon, with CD displays of local musicians and live music still pending.
In talking about cooperative efforts to gather local writers and musicians, Amelia Ettinger made contact with Spring Roberts at La Bebe Cakes about doing a book sale and reading. The event was arranged with New Town Square to help promote new businesses in the Underground Market Place.

“In the future,” James Benton promised, on behalf of the group, “we look forward to
cooperating with other arts groups. Given our location, we feel it best to start small and let it grow.” The group of writers and publishers hopes to do more events with new collaborators throughout the year, exploring different venues for readings, performance art, salons and workshops.
“Local artists working together to build a creative atmosphere,” David Memmott explained, “is an asset in any community as they bring renewable energy, innovation, imagination and new practices to small businesses throughout the valley.”
As winter descends the mountains, what better way to wait out the storm than with a hot latte, a warm pastry and a new book by someone whose voice sounds familiar?

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