EORT youth group presents ‘The Princess and The Pea’

Princess and the Pea

BAKER CITY — When Princess Jasmine arrives — muddy and filthy — the overbearing queen can’t see how this girl could be worthy of her son, Prince Handsome. So she devises a test: if Jasmine is a real princess, she will be able to feel a pea under a mattress separated the princess and the pea.

Not one mattress, not two mattresses, but 13 mattresses, four feather comforters and eight queen-size pillows.

Eastern Oregon Regional Theatre’s youth troupe is presenting “The Princess and the Pea.” Shows are set for 7 p.m. Jan. 18-20 and 3 p.m. Jan. 21. Performances are at the new Iron Gate Theatre, located at 2101 Main St., Baker City.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for students or $25 for a family (two adults and two students). They are available at Betty’s Books and Random Resales, online at www.irongatetheatre.com or at the door.

This is the first of four youth productions on the schedule for EORT this year. “The Princess and the Pea” features six actors, four of whom are on stage for the first time.

The youngest actor, Harley Phoenix who plays the Jester, is traveling from Union every night for rehearsals. The play opens with Lester the Jester, whose best friend is Prince Handsome. The Prince hates dirt, and Lester is kind enough to handle the worms when they go fishing.

But there’s a kink in their carefree plan — the prince’s mom, Queen Bessie (Lester calls her Queen Bossy), is making the prince marry Princess Rutabaga.

Then in a twist of fate, the prince casts his fishing line and reels in a dirty, slightly miffed girl. She’d been minding her own business when a fishing hook caught in her hair and yanked her into the muddy pond.

It’s love at first sight — despite Prince Handsome grimacing at the princess’ muddy dress.

When he tells his mother that he’d rather marry Jasmine than Rutabaga, the queen announces a test. Unbeknownst to the princess, she has King Handsome place a tiny pea beneath a stack of mattresses. Only a princess would be able to feel the lump, she says, and she’s sure no one could through that many layers.

Alas, the princess rises, yawns and tells the queen she “didn’t sleep a wink.”

“The king who likes to play on his Gameboy and the pompous announcer add to the merriment and help create a happy ending,” said Director Leanne Hinkle.

The cast also includes Lily Gately, Isabella Evans, Izek Cleveland, Logan Myers and Paige Anderson. Ellie Lamb is assistant director. The rest of the crew includes Cherie Evans, Misty Anderson, Kathy Sanchez, Sebastian Cole, Michael Dean and Robert Hinkle.

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