Salt lick art raises funds for Parkinson’s disease

Salt Lick

BAKER CITY — Whit Deschner hopes to top $100,000 in total funds raised at the Great Salt Lick event in Baker City. Deschner is the mastermind behind this unique art contest and auction, which celebrates the artistic sculptures created when animals lick salt blocks. Entries can win cash prizes, and are then auctioned to raise money for Parkinson’s disease research […]

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What artists risk


ENTERPRISE — Spoken word artist Jason Graham, aka MOsley WOtta, will lead an audience-driven discussion about creativity, expression and taking risks as an artist. The free conversation, called “What We Risk: Creativity, Vulnerability and Art,” will consider the following themes: What do we risk when we lay ourselves open through music, painting or other artforms? What might we gain or […]

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