Experience six steps for living creatively

“Big Magic: Creative Living beyond Fear” is Elizabeth Gilbert’s introduction of creativity and inspiration in her life. Drawn from her TED talks, Facebook page discussions and Etsy collaboration, Gilbert has six steps for living creatively. Her approach is, in many ways, iconoclastic. At times I stopped to simply let the words soak in, particularly when they challenged my own, and […]

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Novel reminiscent of mid-century sci-fi


World hunger has been solved. Author Adam Roberts creates this potential dream with prose, characterizations, and insight reminiscent of mid-century science fiction. His book, “By Light Alone,” winds its way through the spectrum of modern problems, re-framing them in a way that the reader may examine the issues without self-consciousness. Hunger has been solved by genetically modifying human hair to […]

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Local writer shares compelling true story

Book review2

I’ve always enjoyed reading about other people’s adventures. Although I have had my share of interesting experiences, my life has been fairly tame. I much prefer to read about things people have done from the comfort of my reading chair. Recently, two Wallowa County residents have shared their stories and I found both fascinating and compelling. The first is Pamela Royes, […]

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Resilience shows in ‘The Outlander’ novel


Gil Adamson’s “The Outlander” begins with Mary Boulton, a 19-year-old widow by her own hand, on the run. She’s pursued by her twin brothers-in-law, out to avenge their murdered brother and bring her to justice. Mary, referred to in this novel as “the widow,” is now on her own in the 1903 Canadian wilderness. She has no plan other than […]

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Graphic novel depicts tragedy through art


Over the weekend, German bookstores began selling an annotated version of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”. This book, which points out flaws and makes commentary on the original text, is the first time the manifesto has been legally distributed in the nation in the last 70 years. So what better time than now to revisit the Art Spiegelman creation “Maus”? “Maus” […]

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Kids’ book provokes thoughts of magic

Circus Mirandus

I was hooked from the opening pages of “Circus Mirandus,” the debut novel by Cassie Beasley. I found the book in the children’s section of the library as I was gathering novels for my third grader. My 4-year-old was busy looking at other books, so I sat on a nearby couch and opened “Circus Mirandus.” (What better place to steal a […]

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