From stage to airwaves: a live radio drama

radio showFIXED

The Liberty Theatre in La Grande is still undergoing renovations, but that isn’t stopping the Liberty Theatre Foundation from hosting events in its Stage Door Theater. “What Probably Didn’t Happen to Columbus”, a radio drama, is one such event. The performance will be presented in true radio-drama fashion in front of a live studio audience. Liberty Theatre Foundation Executive Director Kelly […]

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Magic meets steampunk in EORT performance


Professor Algernon is back with new illusions, new magic tricks and new jokes. He also has two new assistants — also known as “girls in boxes” — Mckayla Gryder and Kirsten White. Scot Violette plays Professor Algernon, a time-traveling magician in the Steampunk tradition of Victorian science fiction. “It’s before electricity — everything’s steam-powered, but they are making wondrous inventions,” […]

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Jake’s barrage of women

Jake is surrounded by women. The problem is, it’s becoming tough to figure out which ones are real and which ones are just in his head. And then when the imaginary ones start talking to each other … well, let’s just say he feels a little off-balance. Eastern Oregon Regional Theatre will present “Jake’s Women,” a comedy by Neil Simon, […]

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