Chocolate lovers rejoice


ENTERPRISE — The annual Chocolate Lover’s Walk has become a favorite Mother’s Day treat for locals and visitors alike, according to event organizer Wendy Stewart. “There is one family (from out of state) who does this every year,” Stewart said. “Their mother is elderly, so she doesn’t go on the walk. She just sits here in my store while they […]

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The tale behind Bruschetta


The tomatoes are so ripe,- sweet, acidic, yellow, purple, green, striped, golden, gigantic, plum-shaped, grape-sized, paste-style, slicers, heirloom, high bred, my favorite, grandma’s favorite, your favorite. Whether you grow them yourself or support local farmers at the market, the best tomatoes are fresh from the vine picked only when they are ripe. Bruschetta is one of the many ways we […]

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The pleasure of peas


The weather this year has been a bit odd. It seems with some unknown regularity, nature throws us a seemingly warm early spring followed by a cool and damp summer studded with days of high heat and humidity. This weather I like to call pea weather. Yes, this season when the corn, cucumbers and tomatoes have a hard time convincing […]

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Hunting and preparing mushrooms


Many of us look forward, every year, to the spring season of mushroom hunting. How high are you picking? Have you found any yet? Where? Like pirates’ treasure, many of us have mushroom “sweet spots” we guard closely. The harvest, although unpredictable, is a wonderful fascination with stories of quantity, quality and size, filling hunter’s conversation every spring. Morels are […]

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