Retelling keeps original details, tweaks others

Beauty book review

Watching the new live-action film adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast” inspired me to revisit an old favorite: “Beauty,” by Robin McKinley. “Beauty” was McKinley’s first book, and the first of her two retellings of “Beauty and the Beast.” The other is “Rose Daughter,” which has an allegorical feel without being pedantic. “Beauty” is an engaging and magical book, originally […]

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Local writer creates portrait of Oregon


My first impression of George Venn’s book, “Beaver’s Fire,” was one of a depth and range that encompasses more than its ostensible scope of a portfolio of the region’s past four decades. Poetry, fiction, non-fiction and photography intermingle to produce a portrait of Eastern Oregon and the Northwest through a literary lens. Venn is involved in many of these pieces […]

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Novel intertwines magic with spy novel

Invisible Library

“The Invisible Library” is a place, taking up an unspecified amount of physical space, and overseen by Librarians whose tasks range from research, the senior Librarians’ purview, to rescuing texts from an endless stream of alternate worlds. Irene, a young Librarian, is introduced as she completes a mission at a boys’ school. Irene’s running inner monologue is both hilarious and […]

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