Harnessing light to prepare a meal


My grandmother, Iris, taught me how to cook, read recipes and do things the “right way.” The right way usually meant the long way; following recipes to the letter and never shortening the amount of time spent kneading or stirring.  Summers spent in Granny’s kitchen, with two cousins my same age, was our culinary school (with a bit of embroidery […]

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The tale behind Bruschetta


The tomatoes are so ripe,- sweet, acidic, yellow, purple, green, striped, golden, gigantic, plum-shaped, grape-sized, paste-style, slicers, heirloom, high bred, my favorite, grandma’s favorite, your favorite. Whether you grow them yourself or support local farmers at the market, the best tomatoes are fresh from the vine picked only when they are ripe. Bruschetta is one of the many ways we […]

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The pleasure of peas


The weather this year has been a bit odd. It seems with some unknown regularity, nature throws us a seemingly warm early spring followed by a cool and damp summer studded with days of high heat and humidity. This weather I like to call pea weather. Yes, this season when the corn, cucumbers and tomatoes have a hard time convincing […]

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Celebrate dungeness crab season

It’s Dungeness Crab Season. Yahoo!!!! Crab feeds will be popping up all over Oregon. The commercial Oregon Dungeness Crab fishery, harvesting mostly from December to February, has always been one of the strongest producers. We are so thankful. Timing is critical. Crabs must be cooked quickly after they are harvested to minimize toxic build up. These toxins are released throughout […]

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